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Hilco APAC is your trusted partner in the valuation of tangible and intangible assets for a wide range of lending and strategic business decisions. Our team works with clients who need accurate and time-critical valuations to help manage critical financial decisions. 

With valuations performed for 7000+ companies and countless asset classes, you will be hard-pressed to find an asset we have not valued.

Our difference:

  • Be ahead of your competition with timely and deeply  researched data
  • Get access to global real-time sale outcomes for our valuations
  • Have confidence in our world-class borrowing base reporting
  • Work with a team that goes beyond the report, providing insight and advisory when you need it


Hilco Valuation Services
Plant Equipment Valuations
Plant & Equipment Valuations

Report capturing marketable assets and a value to support your needs whether it be lending, acquisition or financial reporting. For lending scenario’s our reports consider ongoing operational costs, maintenance costs, collection costs, staff entitlements etc. to confirm eligible lending capacity.

Enterprise Valuations
Enterprise Valuations

We can provide enterprise valuations for lenders, investment firms, advisors, and corporations for going concern businesses or distressed businesses.

Accounts Receivable Audit Valuations
Accounts Receivable Audit Valuations

By performing an audit, we determine the readily realisable portion of AR for our clients lending assessments. The audits are conducted through a thorough review of the companies accounts receivable operations and data.

Intangible Asset Valuations
Intangible Asset Valuations

No longer considered “boot collateral,” intangibles have become a viable, lendable asset. It could provide the additional value you need to meet a prospective borrower’s capital structure requirements.

Inventory Valuations
Inventory Valuations

Reports provide the Net Orderly Liquidation Value of the ‘stock on hand’ i.e. The amount of money that can be realised in an orderly liquidation sale of the stock through current business channels and other channels.



We conduct thousands of appraisals each year globally, related on behalf of lenders considering the issuance of an asset based, cash flow, or real estate loan.

Our valuations provide invaluable information regarding asset values across a variety of liquidation scenarios and are developed by using real-time, hard market data, accumulated through Hilco Global’s international asset acquisition/disposition platform.

Financial Reporting

Where other companies use assumptions developing their values, Hilco Valuation Services uses real-time, hard market data, accumulated through our global asset acquisition and disposition platform and supporting applications such as

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Equity, Debt and Other Investments
  • Sale Transactions
  • Management Buyouts
  • Restructuring and Bankruptcies

Financial Opinions

We provide objective and unbiased opinions, leveraging our considerable experience to assist clients in making sound, reliable decisions in relation to:

  • Fairness Opinions
  • Solvency Opinions
  • Capital adequacy opinions

Business Planning

We provide objective and unbiased fairness and solvency opinions to boards of directors, special committees, trustees, investors, and other fiduciaries to facilitate informed decisions in connection with:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Related-party transactions
  • Privatisations
  • Sale and divestitures

Dispute Resolution

We provide detailed expert reports, reviews and critiques, opposing expert reports, consults with legal counsel, and other experts regarding deposition and trial preparation, and gives expert witness testimony.

Our valuation dispute services have been used for

  • Fraudulent Convergence
  • Bankruptcy (reorganisation and liquidation)
  • Financial opinions (Fairness and Solvency)
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Collateral Valuation

Portfolio Examination

We combine bench strength and experience to handle any size portfolio involving any financial instruments, including:

  • Secured and unsecured loans and all other debt instruments
  • Preferred equity and non-public or illiquid equity
  • Convertible securities, warrants, and options
  • Mergers, acquisitions, sales, bankruptcies, and other transactions



Ben Roden
General Manager


Greg Hardiman
Senior Executive
Advisory & Finance


Natalie Reid- Frost
Head of Advisory


HB Khoo
Senior Valuer
South-East Asia

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Hilco Global

Hilco Global is a respected independent financial services company and the world’s premier authority on asset valuation, monetisation, and advisory solutions. Hilco Global employs over 500 professionals worldwide, transacting billions of dollars of asset services and sales.

With offices in 40+ locations, across 16 countries, we are able to provide clients with local knowledge in key Asia Pacific markets, backed by asset specialists globally.

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