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With offices in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia our SE Asia team provides you with local asset expertise.

Local Experience, 
Global Reach

Hilco APAC is a trusted partner delivering asset valuation, monetisation and advisory solutions across the Asia Pacific region.

Our strengths lie in combining global footprint with local knowledge, broad asset and industry expertise, and aligning interests with clients.

Hilco APAC can assist with:

  • Asset valuations; both tangible and intangible
  • Upfront purchase of non-core assets
  • Local and global asset remarketing campaigns
  • Consignment sales including online auctions, private treaty sales and hybrid formats

Part of
Hilco Global

Hilco Global is a respected independent financial services company and the world’s premier authority on asset valuation, monetisation, and advisory solutions. Hilco Global employs over 500 professionals worldwide, transacting billions of dollars of asset services and sales.

With offices in 40+ locations, across 16 countries, we are able to provide clients with local knowledge in key Asia Pacific markets, backed by asset specialists globally.


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Hilco Valuation
Valuation Team Members
Companies Appraised
Billion Assets Appraised
Billion Asset Sales p/annum

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Our global team of business asset appraisers, field examiners and valuation advisors are one of the world’s largest and most diversified.  It would be difficult to name an industry that we have not served, an asset category we have not appraised, nor a valuation service we have not provided.

Our expertise in buying and selling assets translates into the industry’s most accurate and intuitive valuations. Hilco Valuation Services is one of the world’s largest and most diversified business asset appraisers and valuation advisors.

  • More than 2,500 valuations annually
  • Valuations from a single asset in one location to millions of assets in scores of locations
  • Valuations for tangible and intangible asset categories
We provide a full suite of valuation services for:

  • Asset-Based and Cash Flow Loans and Collateral Monitoring
  • Acquisition and Sale Fairness Opinions
  • Investments
  • Capital Raises
  • Management Buyouts
  • Restructuring and Bankruptcies
  • Financial Reporting
  • Valuation Disputes
  • Tax Valuations

Unique to Hilco Valuation Services is the ability to affirm asset values through proprietary market data obtained from the worldwide asset disposition and acquisition experiences of Hilco Global. Access to this real-time information ensures clients of more reliable valuations, which is crucial when financial decisions and fortunes are at stake – in contrast with the aged data relied upon by others.

Hilco Advisory
Billion worth of assets liquidated
Years of Experience APAC Team
Advisory Professionals
Million in Fixtures sold

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Our regional Advisory team are uniquely capable of providing solutions to  financial professionals, advisors and restructuring specialists delivered by our team of specialised units. 

  • Industrial, Commercial, Insurance  & Salvage Asset Sales
  • Hilco Merchant Resources
  • Hilco Valuation Services
Hilco Global APAC has a highly experienced regional advisory team delivering service solutions to financial professionals, advisors and restructuring specialists such as:

  • Providing strategic advice to clients working with distressed or insolvent companies.
  • Utilising our depth of understanding assets, providing guidance, design and delivery of the sale structure required to maximise return to customers.
  • Commercial, Industrial and Insurance Salvage loss recovery across all sectors
  • Hilco Capital as investors in underperforming, non-core subsidiaries, retirement sales or distressed businesses

Leveraging our asset expertise and proprietary global sales data uniquely positions us as a partner of choice with Hilco Finance, supporting lenders who provide equipment finance and credit solutions to industrial and capital-intensive companies.

Our valuations support these applications:

  • Construct fit-for-purpose finance solutions supported by informed market value appraisal of assets
  • Use analytics to provide insight on future value, opening more options to customers seeking cashflow and security through finance.
Hilco Monetisation
Fortune 2000 clients globally
Million Visits to Online Auctions
Million Industrial Buyers
Countries Reached with Sales

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We are uniquely capable of customising asset monetisation solutions based on the specific and individual needs and requirements of every transaction, acting as agent, principal or investor. We are experienced in virtually all tangible and intangible asset categories and are specialists in cross-border assignments.

Hilco Global offers asset monetisation through a variety of disposition channels, including auctions, wholesale brokerage and private treaty negotiated sales with a variety of commercial structures, including:

  • Sale by Agency
  • Capital Purchase
  • Guarantees
In time-critical situations, where cash is needed quickly or when an auction may be disruptive to a business, we are able to acquire assets, demonstrating our willingness to share in risk and reward.

Our key point of differentiation is our specialised ability to tailor a strategic solution for each outcome, managing the entire process from start to finish.

Our valuations support these applications:

  • End of project / life industrial assets in mining, construction and civil
  • Decommissioning of production, manufacturing and engineering sites
  • Closure or wind-down of commercial plant and facilities
  • Insurance loss recovery
  • Company liquidations & restructures
  • Excess or obsolete retail stock
  • Wholesale brokerage of bulk asset parcels
  • Brand, Intellectual Property and niche Intangible Assets

Through the Hilco Merchant Resources division, we have access and experienced teams that specialise in retail operations, providing analytical, monetisation and capital investment support to businesses.

With a global network of over 2M buyers, 1800 auctions globally and $150B of excess inventory turned to cash annually, we have the capability to identify and take assets to the right buyer market/s, locally or globally to secure maximum return.

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Josh Sanders
Head | SE Asia

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Philip Sloman
MD | The Philippines

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Allan Sim
MD | Singapore & Malaysia

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HB Khoo
Senior Valuer

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