How Do I Register?

Registering an account on Hilco APAC is free and is easily done. You are free to browse and look at assets for sale but if you want to place a bid or add an item to your watched list, you must first register your details, add a payment type and verify your email.

Click on My Account on the top right of the webpage and you will be prompted to register your details. After registering your details and clicking on the signup button, you will be sent a verification email for you to reply to. Once your email has been verified, you will be able to bid and add items to your watch list, alerts and see your bid and invoice history.

If you have not logged in or registered and you want to place a bid on a lot, you can also click the red log in to bid button where you can either login with your username and password or register your details if you haven’t done so already.

Your registration is both safe and secure, the privacy and security of your personal information collected on our website are very important to us. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

What can I do if I have not received the activation e-mail?

Please check your spam folder in case you do not receive this email directly after you completed the registration.

If the activation e-mail is also not available in your spam folder please send an e-mail to our Customer Support Team

What if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your username and / or password, click on the Forgot username or Forgot password prompts where you normally login

How do I Update my Personal Information?

You can update your personal information at any time.

Login into your account and select ‘My Profile and then ‘’Change your profile’. Click on the sections you want to update and when finished, click on Save.

How can I delete my account?

To de-activate or delete your account, please contact our Customer Support Team.

How Do I Place A Bid?

To place a bid, you must first be registered and logged in to your account.
When you find an item or lot you want to bid on, click on the Bid button, which also shows the next asking price.

When placing a bid you have the option to place a bid at the next asking price or type in the maximum bid price you want to place for the item.

You will then be asked to confirm your bid price showing the buyers premium and GST included as a total.

Once confirmed, you will receive notification that your bid was successful and if you are the high bidder, met the reserve or not.

What Is the difference between a single bid at the asking price and a Max Bid?

There are two kinds of bids – Asking Price Single Bid and Max Bid

A single bid at the asking price means you place a bid yourself manually. If someone bids higher than that amount, you will receive a “You have been outbid” notification. You will need to place a new bid again manually at the next asking price. This will continue as long as you are outbid and you would like to remain the highest bidder.

When using the ‘Max Bid’ option, this is like an auto bid. You indicate the maximum amount you want to pay for the lot. Each time your bid is outbid, the auction system will automatically place a higher bid. This will continue until the maximum amount you have chosen has been reached. In case a single bid equals a max bid, the latter will prevail. (max bid wins over single bid).

Please note, it is not possible to cancel a max bid or asking price single bid once you have confirmed.

If you would like to increase your Max Bid

  1. Go to the lot page you are currently winning
  2. Enter a new higher amount than your current Max Bid and click on the Change Max Bid button
  3. Make sure you select ‘Change Max Bid’ as the bid type every time you update your bid
  4. Click on the place bid button.

IMPORTANT: The bid amount you select for your Max bid is per item, if you are bidding on more than one item, please take the total price including freight and buyer’s premium into consideration before committing to the auction.

How Can I Sell My Equipment with Hilco APAC?

If you are looking to sell excess, slow moving stock, seconds, reconditioned goods, liquidated inventory or business assets, Hilco APAC are ready to assist and show you the best way to sell your assets.

Visit the Sellers Page on our website and enter your details and a brief description of what assets you would like to have valued or sold.

Can I Cancel My Bid or Purchase?

Hilco APAC is committed to protecting the integrity of the auction process and as such we are unfortunately unable to cancel a bid once it has been placed or a lot you have won. This is also stated in the general conditions that you must accept before confirming a bid.

Please ensure you understand the information that we have provided in the description as well as any applicable shipping fees and premiums that are listed before you place a bid on any product. Our policy is that we do not retract bids if you have simply changed your mind or have misunderstood what was being offered.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Can I Return Something I Won at Auction?

Auction items are sold on an “As is, where is” basis. It is the buyer’s responsibility to attend any nominated inspections or arrange for a third party to inspect on their behalf to assess the suitability and condition of the asset, prior to bidding. Auction items may be returned if they are damaged in transit and Hilco APAC is responsible for the transport of the goods. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Please note that auction items may not be returned if you change your mind.

When and How Do I Pick Up My Purchased Item?

If the sale is described as a “Pick-up” sale, you can collect the goods on the specified day and time as per your invoice and lot information.
The location and nominated pick up times will be displayed in the relevant sale overview, lot or item page. It’s important that items are collected as per the advertised pick up time table. You can only collect your won items once the funds have cleared into the nominated Hilco APAC account.

Please make sure you bring a copy of your Winner’s Invoice and a photo ID when collecting your item(s). Assets will be released when you have signed off on the condition of the item(s). If applicable, please ensure you have sufficient tools and resources available to load the goods at the time of collection, as well as the right transportation. In compliance with Occupational Health and Safety requirements, our staff may not be able to assist with loading your vehicle.

Third party pick-up

If you wish to send a third party to collect your goods on your behalf, they will need a copy of your Winner’s Invoice, a photocopy of your photo ID and a letter signed by you authorising them to collect the goods on your behalf. They will also be required to produce identification and sign for the goods on behalf of buyers acting as the authorised agent. Hilco APAC do not carry manual consignment notes nor complete them for third party carriers.

Hilco APAC staff will not release the goods to anyone other than you unless they carry the appropriate authority. By appointing third party pick up, you have given them the authority to sign off on the condition of the goods being picked up.

Please note: Hilco APAC are not responsible for the goods once they have been signed for. Any problems relating to the transportation of the goods will need to be taken up with the third party acting on your behalf.

If you have any questions about Hilco APAC please contact our Customer Service Team

What if I Can’t Collect My Goods?

It is very important that items are picked up as per the advertised pickup timetable. If you are not sure if you can pick up an item by the said time, please arrange for someone else to pick it up for you, book a courier or do not bid on the item(s) in the first place. This is because if you do not pick up your item within the stated timeframe your goods will then be deemed abandoned and resold or you may be charged a storage fee until you collect your asset.

What does the ‘Final Call” period mean?

Like a traditional live auction, every auction at Hilco APAC offers a ‘Going, Going, Gone’ period. To give everyone a chance to bid, an Auction will not close until all interested parties have stopped bidding for a full 5 minutes. This is our Final Call period.

If a bid is placed within 5 minutes of the closing time of a lot, the closing time will be extended by another 5 minutes. This process will repeat itself with any bid within the last 5 minutes of the new closing time until there are no more bids placed. It does not matter when the bid is placed within those 5 minutes.
For example, if an auction is scheduled to close at 7:00pm and a bid is placed at 6:56pm it will push the auction into the extended closing time period. If no further bids are placed, the auction will close at 7:01pm.

If another bid is placed at 6:58pm, the auction will stay open until 7:03pm, if another bidder places a bid at 7:03pm the auction will stay open until 7:08pm, and so on until no one has placed a bid for a full 5 minute period.

The ‘Final Call’ period ensures everyone has the chance to place their final bid. It also gives everyone an equal opportunity to place bids, as many of our customers are located in regional areas or overseas and may have a slow internet connection. The person with the highest bid at the end of period is the winner.

Why do you Charge a Buyers’ Premium?

Like all traditional auction houses Hilco APAC charges a Buyer’s Premium. This is an administration fee that is applied to the bid price of an item won at auction. It is always a percentage of the purchase price and may vary. It is important to review the lot description for details.

The Buyer’s Premium is part of the total Invoice amount which is paid by the winning bidder. The Buyer’s Premium may be inclusive or exclusive of GST, depending on the sale category.

Please note: Buyer’s Premium is not applied to Buy Now sales.

How is Bidding Precedence Worked Out?

Our bidding system is set up to ensure a non-discriminatory structure is followed by all bidders; bid precedence allows us to follow a set order to determine who has won the item(s) in an auction.

To decide who has won, bid precedence is as follows:
If there is only one quantity, the highest bid price will always win. If there are multiple quantities available and two or more customers bid the same price, the person with the highest quantity will be successful at that price.

For example, there are 3 pallets of tiles available for auction.

Joe bids on 2 pallets at $50 a pallet.
Mary bids on 3 pallets at $50 a pallet.

Joe was outbid & Mary is the winning bidder because she has the higher quantity even though the bid price is the same.

If you have further questions about bidding on Hilco APAC, please contact our Customer Service Team

Do your auctions have reserves?

Most of our auctions are conducted as unreserved auctions starting at $10. The Auction summary page and lot pages will indicate if it is an unreserved auction or if there is a reserve and indicate if the reserve has been met or not after you place a bid.

What Can I do if I think someone is fraudulently trying to increase the sale price?

The Condition of each product is stated on its Lot Page and we recommend you familiarise yourself with the Condition before bidding as we sell a wide range of products in a variety of Conditions on behalf of our Vendors via auction, it is up to the buyer to be aware of the conditions before bidding

It’s important that you read the Lot Description for possible additional information on the condition of the product including any applicable warranty details. You should take the condition and the Lot Description into account when you place your bid as we do not offer refunds if you change your mind about your purchase.

What do the product 'condition' mean?

Summary of Product Conditions:

New – New items are unused and still in their original packaging, complete with manuals and accessories. They may not necessarily be the latest model.

Resealed – Resealed products have not been sold to a consumer and will generally still have their original packaging but may have been opened for testing or other purposes. In some circumstances, accessories may vary from the original standard (EG, manuals or specific software may be missing or different).

Retail Return – Products listed as ‘Retail Return’ have typically been sold to a customer in a retail environment and then returned within a short period due to change of mind and may have had limited use. Some individual items may show signs of re-packaging (such as marks or scratches) and/or carton damage. In some circumstance’s accessories may differ from the original standard (EG, labels or cords may be missing, or they may not contain instruction manuals, etc). Packaging conditions may differ product to product and some items may not include packaging at all.

Reconditioned / Factory Refurbished – Products listed as ‘Reconditioned’ have typically been used by a consumer for a limited period but have then been tested and repaired where necessary (unless otherwise specified) so that they function according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Some items may vary from this original standard and details will be included in the product description.

Some goods/assets may show signs of wear, such as scratches and marks common with used items. In some circumstances, accessories may vary from the original standard (EG, software, cables or instruction manuals may be missing or different, and not in original packaging).

Ex Demo – These items may have been used by manufacturers or distributors for display, demonstration or promotional purposes. Some goods/assets may show signs of wear, such as scratches and marks common with demo use. In some circumstances, accessories may vary from the original standard (EG, software, cables or instruction manuals may be missing or different, and not in original packaging).

Ex Lease – Products listed as ‘Ex Lease’ have been returned to a rental company at the expiry of a corporate usage lease. Ex Lease items may show signs of wear, such as scratches and marks common with ex lease equipment. In some circumstances, accessories may vary from the original standard (EG, software, cables or instruction manuals may be missing or different, and not in original packaging).

Seconds – Products listed as ‘Seconds’ may have been sold to a consumer previously, have experienced some usage, display some minor physical defects/damage or experienced functional faults. In some instances, accessories may vary from the standard (for example, software or manuals may be missing or different, no original packaging).

Used – Product listed as ‘Used’ have experienced moderate to heavy usage by consumers and have not been tested to ensure that they function according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Some individual items may show signs of wear common with used items, and in some circumstances, accessories may vary from the standard (for example, software or manuals may be missing or different, and not in original packaging).

Salvage or Insurance Claim – These products have been subject to an insurance claim and may contain shop soiling, packaging, physical and or other types of damage which may be unknown to us. Please refer to the auction overview or the items description for further information regarding its condition.

Other – Products are listed as being in ‘Other’ Condition when they do not fit into any of the other conditions listed above. This can include items such as collectable wines, certain works of art and other memorabilia.

What Does a Buyer Number, Auction Number and Lot Number Mean?

Buyer Number: this is the unique number you receive when you registered. Please always use this number and your name when you contact our Customer Support team.

Auction Number: each auction has an unique number. If you have specific questions regarding an auction, please always use this number as reference. You will find this number at each auction in the top left side.

Lot Number: each lot within an auction has an unique number. If you have specific questions regarding a lot, please always use this number and the auction number as reference. You will find this number before the lot title.

Do the assets you sell come with warranty?

Generally, Hilco APAC does not provide warranties on products or assets we sell via auction. The transaction is based on ‘as is, where is’. The viewing days allow you to check the lot in person next to the photo’s and description of the lot at the website. This is also stated in the general conditions. However, some products or assets may still have manufacturer’s warranty applicable, but it is up to you to check these details if not stated in the description.

How do I Monitor lots I am interested in?

If you want to monitor lots you first need to login or register at Once you are logged in, you can click on the star icon next to the lot details and it will add that item to your watch list.

You can view your watched list by either clicking on the star icon in the top header of the webpage or clicking on My Account > My Items in the top right of the header of the webpage.

When you no longer want to follow a lot, simply click on the star again to remove it from your watchlist.

How do I Pay my Invoice?

Sale totals less than $5,000 will be deducted from your credit card that you registered with. Invoices over $5,000 will be settled via bank transfer. Bank details will be sent to the winning bidder.

The bank account information of Hilco APAC can be found on the invoice that you received by e-mail after the auction lot closed and you received your confirmation email from us that you have won the auction / sale.

Please note your payment is requested within 48 hours of the auction closing.

Please Note: Payment by cash or other payment methods not already described are not possible at the moment.

What can I do if I think the details on my Invoice are not correct?

If your contact details are incorrect on the sale invoice, go to ‘the ‘My Account page and update your personal details and request a new invoice by contacting our Customer Support Team. Please always include your Buyer number and Auction / Lot number in this e-mail.

If you think the amount on the invoice is incorrect, firstly check the sale details on the ‘you have won’ confirmation email you received to compare the sale amount on that with the invoice. Alternatively, you can log into your account and check your ‘items won’ section and click on the specific item you won and verify the sale details with the invoice received.

Please Note: Issuing an adjusted invoice is not always possible due legal restrictions.

Do I have to pay GST and Stamp Duty?

All sales conducted with Hilco APAC are GST exclusive. 10% GST is applicable on all assets sold unless otherwise stated. GST will be added to the winning bid price for all items sold. Assets that will be exported may be eligible for the GST to be refunded upon proof of export. It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay any applicable Stamp Duty Taxes.

What Export Documentation Do I Need?


t is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that all requirements, of whatever nature, regarding the export of goods from Australia and into another country are met.

This means, among other things, that the buyer must comply with the laws and regulations of the country concerned regarding the payment of taxes and duties and required documentation and that they must obtain the required approval if necessary. If the goods are to be transported, it is the seller or the buyer who must be included on the underlying tickets or customs documents as the sender or recipient of the goods and not Hilco APAC.

What can I do if my payment has not been received within 48 hours after the auction closing?

Your wining items will not be sent nor can they be picked up on the specified delivery date if payment has not been received by Hilco APAC.

If the amount is over $5,000 there is still time before the delivery date for you to make payment via bank transfer. Please note an international payment will take several days before the amount is received by Hilco APAC, which may be after the delivery date.

If you have a payment remittance, you can email that to our Customer Support Team with your buyer number and auction and lot numbers indicating when the invoice was paid, who will then forward it to our Finance Team to acknowledge payment has been made and waiting for clearance. Our Finance Team and system will then recognise the payment when cleared into our bank account and approve the release of the lot(s) once the amount paid matches the invoice figure.

Why was $1 deducted from my credit card?

When you enter a new card on our site for the first time, we validate that the card is real, and is active. This is communicated via the $1 authorisation.  This security authorisation is not a charge or payment but will be shown as a pending status against your available funds.  Banks usually process these within 3 to 5 business days, although some can take up to 10 business days depending on your bank’s business rules.